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23 August
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*() just a geek

Well..I will start off by I dislike rap.. I love RoCK!..and emm.. I love to read myserious and adventurous books..I love to play the drums.. and draw anime.. I am caucasion... I look like a girl... because I am a girl... and I like to meet new people.. and make new friends.. to put it to you straight(which I am by the way)... I a weird person.. not in a phsyco-maniac way though...So yeah.. want to know more.. ask .. don't just sit there and think.. thinking may cause headaches..GoodbyE..
|~| nicole ; nini ; virgin ; GEEKSTER; ballzy
|~| 8.23.1988 ; 15
|~| nazareth academy soph [2006]
|~| philly, pa
|~| too much 'like a virgin', weird, crazy, smart
~~~~~~~I have a lot of screen names.. so it's either liprringer or permanent markr7
|~| i hope your babies look like monkeys.

*() must thank the awesome amy [melancholiakity] for my awesome icon.

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